Trying to adult – eating healthy and diet

There’s a whole market for eating healthy, detox, diet and fitness. Countless books, videos and websites contain conflicting advice on how you should live your life to be the best version of you.

At some point, everyone decides they could do with making a change. They carry a little more weight than they used to. The get sick often. They are tired a lot. There are tons of prompts, and then, like any good adult, you decide to do something about it.

You read up on various plans. You decide on long term or short term pain for the goal. You blend stuff like Kale into some kind of juice that you struggle to keep down. Anything to be just a little more healthy. Especially as your friends have done a detox or diet before with success.

You’re miserable, hungry, and more tired than before you started. 3 days in, with no noticeable success, you give up. Don’t worry, part of being a grown-up is to revisit this again and again.

Lesson – diet is for life

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