Denim Banana Media

Who we are

Denim Banana Media is a Prosperity focussed education and media organisation founded in 2020.

We bring you online content, books in ebook and printed format, courses, talks and conferences to take you to your next stage in a prosperous life.

We work with businesses and individuals to bring you the best knowledge and advice to take you forward in your endeavours.

Our products and services are brought to you over several of our key brands.


An online education channel, provided via YouTube video and online Blog content.

Focussed on providing personal finance education, investing and success mindset, as well as courses, books and tools to help your financial success.

Prosperity Project

A podcast bringing you a regular dose of uplifting, inspiring, motivating life changing tips and success strategies to help you create the wealth, health, lifestyle, passion and prosperity for your own life that you want to create.

Kempson House

Our family YouTube channel, offering videos which cover a broad range of subjects, providing education, entertainment, and a behind the scenes look at the life within The Kempson House

Jennifer Kempson

Founder and Director of DenimBanana Media Ltd. 

Creator & Host of the MamaFurFur Youtube channel and Content Director for all brands within Denim Banana Media.