Trying to adult – wifi

You’re out, your phone signal is terrible, but you need to know what time to local supermarket closes. You try to bring up the web page, but it stops loading at around 30% and just tells you it can’t connect. What kind of medieval times are you living in?

You go to your phone settings. You won’t be defeated by a lack of waves in the air. You’ll find some waves of your own. You search for wifi networks, and an open network shows in the list, only to disappear again. Spurred on by the sight of the beast, you seek it out. You wander around, waving your phone about like some kind of device from Star Trek, seeking out life. To everyone else, you probably look like a crazy person, pacing around, wafting your phone in front of you. It’s worth it though. The signal appears again, you press on the network name and you connect. You get your supermarket closing times, and feel like a hero. You are the master of wifi.

Lesson – finding what you seek can take persistence

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