Trying to adult – job interview

All those years in education. All that knowledge. That youthful energy. All that you are, put down onto a single sheet of paper. Everything you have to offer the world of employment written down, ready to be judged. Somehow, somebody read it and decided you are worth seeing in person.

The job interview is a nerve racking experience. Fleshing out what the employer already knows from your resume. Adding context to that experience you listed. Hoping you don’t get caught out on those exaggerations. This person is going to judge you, so any positives or negatives are very personal.

In all likelihood, you will go through the interview process many times in your life. Measured against others. Compared on points you have no idea about. Not knowing what’s really important to the employer, so unsure exactly how to approach your answers. It’s the exact opposite of what society and parents have taught children up to this point. Life isn’t fair. You don’t always get what you want. You are being compared to others. There’s no prize for 2nd place.

Interviews are harsh beasts. Success or failure is binary. No further opportunities to present your case, and nobody else can help fight your corner.

Lesson – always prepare, and learn to accept failure

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