Am I old? – early nights

I read something once, and it goes a little something like this;

Think of the thing you feel you can’t do without. The thing that you think is the best thing.
Now imagine going without it for 5 days.
Now imagine going without sleep for 5 days.
Sleep is your best thing.

There’s nothing better than a good night of rest. Feeling refreshed in the morning, ready for the day. I haven’t felt that feeling often in the last few years. With children, needing to pee, and other random disturbances, the days of regular satisfying sleep appear to be gone.

Early nights are appearing now in my life. An opportunity to get some extra rest. A chance to wind down without distraction. TV shows are stacking up. Movies haven’t been watched in weeks. Bed calls sooner and sooner after the children are asleep.

Good sleep is like a drug. You know how good it can feel. You crave that refreshed start to the day. You remember how it used to be. Early to bed may just provide it….someday.

Lesson – sleep is precious.

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