Am I old? – the need to pee

There was once a time when I went to bed at night, and awoke again in the morning, unaware of the time passing in between. Those were the days of unbroken sleep and waking refreshed.

Sleep has changed since getting older. Children have provided broken sleep, but the bigger problem has been the requirement to pee. On any given night, I could need to get up between 1 and 3 times, depending on how much caffeine I’ve had before going to sleep.

Now, I know that everyone is different, and the way my bladder may react to tea will not be the same as everyone else, but based on my view of the world, needing to pee during the night isn’t uncommon as you get older. Sleep gets broken, and it’s really a win if you need to go when there’s several more hours until you wake. Frustration begins when you are an hour away from waking and feel the need. Yes, it can be held, but you never actually return to sleep properly.

Of course, during the day, it’s business as usual, with no noticeable increase in frequency. It’s just the nights that aren’t nearly as restful.

Lesson – enjoy unbroken sleep while you can.

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