Trying to adult – wasted education

All those years of study. All that debt. For what?

So many people gather themselves an education, get some nice certificates, and end up doing nothing with it. You might expect that someone who decides to do a degree in Communications is just wasting their time on something that they will never work in. In reality, even respected degrees are often cast aside as the reality of the job market and the requirement to be employed surfaces.

Around every workplace, there are countless people who once had dreams. Who studied a subject with the intent of being employed in a job that could utilise their education. Those dreams are a distant memory. That first job which was only short term became a lot longer term. A promotion came along, or a new job was sought, which happened to be in the same field as the last due to experience. Suddenly, you are 20 years down the line, the degree and all that you learnt gathering dust while you are doing a job that isn’t even close to where you expected to be. What happened?

Let people know you are more than your job role. Let them know what you studied to be. Show them who you really are. The person long buried under projects, workloads and career development. enables you to do this.

Lesson – education and career aren’t always linked.

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