Trying to adult – Grownups knew everything

Why is it that I feel like I know very little about how to do things, yet when I was younger, my parents and other adults around me seemed to know everything?

You get injured? Mum knows what cream and treatment to apply, and she has what’s required in stock.

Get a tear in your clothes? You mum or aunt pulls out a sewing kit and fixes it right up.

Bed gets broken? Dad puts out a toolkit and some wood offcuts, and starts going to work.

Buying a car? You parents always seemed to push a salesman for a good deal


I don’t know where this knowledge or these skills came from, because I certainly don’t have most of them. I don’t feel like I’m even close to knowing how to deal with every situation that comes up confidently. I just don’t have the experience. Any creams for cuts and scrapes are usually out of date in my house, and I don’t have a sewing kit. I certainly feel somewhat screwed over when I buy a new vehicle.

Where did this knowledge come from that adults had when I was young? How did they gain it, and why don’t I have it?


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