Committed exercise journey – workout 1

As I’ve mentioned previously, I generally work out with weights, rather than focus on cardio. I find it suits me better, and expect to get faster results this way. Also, I’ll end up with an end result I’m happy with. I have 2 different gym workouts, though they are both full body and therefore overlap with the muscles worked, but just change some of the moves involved. Today, I’m sharing with you workout number 1.

I do these exercises, in this order. I do 8 reps in each set, and perform 5 sets of each. However, move 5 (dumbbell curl) to move 8 (dumbbell uptight row) I do in a super set. This means I do a set of each of the 4 moves, one after the other, then cycle back round for a second set of each, repeating until I’ve done 5.


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