Committed exercise journey – back on it

1 week between workouts. That’s how long the energy sapping cold kept me away from exercise, and it was definitely a challenge.

At various points during the week of no activity, I thought about my lacking ability to exercise, but didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything with it. With those thoughts, I got the fear that I wouldn’t gain the motivation back to return to the workouts. The problem with any life change is that is much easier to go back to habits of old, which have had themselves embed into life for such a long time. It’s easier to slip back into a life of excuses and tomorrows, rather than get yourself back on track. I had planned to worn out on the Friday, but motivation wasn’t around. On the Saturday morning, I knew I had to do something. Though my ability was still a little stifled, it was time to begin again.

Though my plan was to head into the gym and lift heavy, motivation wouldn’t take me that far. Instead, I used my power bag in the house and did my usual workout with it. After that 40 minutes of exercise, I was exhausted. In fact, I was very tired through most of the workout, but focused on earning that workout count increase. A hard as the workout was, I felt glad that I had done it. I had broken the new “habit” of not working out, and once I got towards the evening, I was actually looking forward to working out again the next day.

Now here I am, 3 days on from starting up again, and I’ve worked out every day. I’m back in the same place that I left off – no excuses. Motivated to earn those workouts and continue to make progress. As I didn’t eat badly during being weak, it meant that I didn’t cause myself to step backwards in my progress, so I guess my ability to see the bigger goal is probably strong than I thought.

I mentioned in a previous post that 1 lapsed doesn’t mean everything needs to fall apart. I said this before I’d actually had any issues with focus, but the week off really tested me. I felt the fear that it wouldn’t come back. That I wouldn’t find myself wanting to work out again. I’m glad that those words I wrote were true. You can get back on track. You can regain your focus. You just have to find the desire to do so.

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