Committed exercise journey – the scales shouldn’t matter

Apparently, being in the “healthy” BMI range is a good thing, and somewhere we should all aim to be. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, and the whole BMI as a form of measurement is also somewhat disputed. Regardless of this, it is commonly agreed that there are health benefits in exercising, eating better, and not being overweight (having a high percentage of fat).

Prior to making this decision to change, I had a few health problems. Now, I say problems in a loose sense, as I never required medical assistance, and managed any issues by myself. However, there were issues. The primary one I suffered from was indigestion. This was an issue every evening, sometimes during the day, and sometimes overnight. I was taking at least one antacid every day. I also had frequent headaches. Again, I was taking medication most days for this, sometimes several times a day. My excess weight also caused me to snore quite heavily during the night. Not so much of an issue for me, but would have certainly impacted my wife. Finally, and probably the worst, I suffered from sleep apnea. This condition showed up in 2 ways. First, it meant that I rarely felt rested after sleep. Secondly, it meant that I woke up some nights feeling unable to breathe. I would sit up, gasping for air as I struggled to inhale enough to make me feel like I wasn’t going to suffocate. I would probably sit up and take around 5 deep, raspy, gasping breaths until breathing became easier and I could get back to sleep. It was scary stuff, not just for me, but my wife also.

The great thing about the work that I’ve put in to date is that I have resolved all of these issues, to differing levels. I rarely get indigestion. Headaches are less common. I feel much more rested after sleep, and I’ve been able to breathe properly every night.

I’m sure there are other health benefits I’m supposed to have, like feeling more energetic, healthier, happier and whatever else. For me though, those are harder to measure and notice. My body was telling me it wasn’t happy through the weight based ailments, and I’m fortunate that I had these things show up at a relatively light weight vs when many other people start to suffer issues. What’s important is to recognise when you are suffering from weight based issues, and then work on resolving them. They aren’t something you need to learn to live with. Feeling better starts with the decision that you WANT to feel better.

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