Am I old? – aches and pains

When I first felt muscle/joint discomfort after a night of sleep, I wondered what it was, and what I’d done to cause it. There was a time where I would monitor a random ache or pain that would appear, so to see if it got worse, or required any medical attention. Those days are long gone.

It would appear that part of getting older is to pretty much constantly have something slightly sore, stiff or uncomfortable. I could be doing nothing at all, yet suddenly find a pain coming from me somewhere. No prompt, no previous exertion to cause it. Just a pain that goes away as randomly as it arrives. These things happen frequently enough to now be ignored.

When did it become ok to feel sore? How did sleep become an enemy that hurts me when I let down my guard?

Lesson – pain is temporary, until you get older.

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