Trying to adult – binge watching shows

There’s nothing to watch on TV, so you browse the various sections on Netflix and check the TV channels for something to entertain you. There’s nothing, except that dumb sounding show that people at work seem to talk about all the time. You decide that you can really add arsenal to your opinions about how dumb it really is if you watch an episode.

7 hours later, you are still sitting on the sofa, just about to start watching season 2. Season 1 was a blur of visual delight. It’s the best show you’ve seen in years. 1 season down, and 3.5 more to go until you’re all caught up. With nobody to tell you to go to bed, you motor on. Sleep can wait. You need to know what happens next.

After a full weekend in front of the TV, watching every episode so far, you are an empty husk. Emotionally drained, and left with an empty feeling. The empty feeling comes from there being no more episodes to watch. Like some sort of peasant, you have to wait a whole 5 days for another episode, and then a week for the one after that. You’ve been spoilt by your own binge watching madness.

Lesson – you CAN have too much of a good thing.

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