Committed exercise journey – Success and restarting the count

A few days ago, I completed my 100th workout of the year. It was also my first milestone to reach on my journey to a better body and lifestyle. The aim was to get to 100 workouts by my holiday on 2nd June 2018. I have managed to get to this goal with 4 days to spare, which I will use to continue my exercise plan.

When I began this journey, 100 workouts seemed like a really nice, round number. Motivation to exercise was challenging, but the very action of doing something different with a clear focus meant it was possible. Ticking off the first few weeks was fulfilling and the easy progress helped me maintain focus. A small illness along the way, along with motivation lapses have been challenging, but I have always maintained my attention to the ultimate goal. I remember that it’s a series of hundreds of smaller steps that bridge the gap between where you were and where you want to be.

So, as I write this, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far. If I look critically at what I’ve done, I could have certainly done better, pushed more, been more strict with diet and generally made more progress. However, the journey so far has been making adjustments to life which are sustainable moving forward. The choice has been to eat and live in a way that is suitable and enjoyable for years down the line, rather than drastic adjustments that are short lived. I have lost 16lbs, but due to weight lifting for many workouts, I would assume I’ve lost a bit more than this in fat. My body is looking better than it’s done in probably 20 years and I have been running further than I’ve ever done. I would say I’m currently at my peak, though this is still a long way from where I want to end up.

At this point, it’s time to reset the clock. The first milestone target is done, and the next is the new focus. A total of 250 workouts by my 40th birthday. The 100 done to date will be included in the count, and the target is probably more challenging that the first 100. It will require 5 workouts per week for pretty much every week. As before, each workout has to be earned to count, so no half-assed efforts will contribute to the progress.

Some days, this whole process is easy. The right frame of mind, the right food in the fridge, and the best possible workout all align, and everything is great. These days are made better when the scales move for the better, and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror that allows you to see how well you’re doing. On other days, you feel bloated, tired, and just want to sit down and eat rubbish. It’s those days that build who you will become. Anyone can make a change when it’s easy. It’s grinding out that effort on the tough days that lead you to greatness.

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