Getting a vasectomy – how hard can it be?

Getting a vasectomy is not an uncommon procedure. Countless men go through the operation each day. Some have it done in a short procedure while awake, while others have to go via a general anesthetic. Generally, it should be quick, with minor discomfort for a couple of days, with a low risk of anything worse than that. I’m going to write about my experience to see how closely it follows what is shared as the standard from the medical people involved.

Initial Consultation Appointment

My appointment is directly with the people that would do the operation. It’s a fairly short chat, checking that I’m sure I want the procedure, and talking the process through, along with going over any existing medical issues and covering potential risks. I’m told that the procedure should have me in and out in around 30 minutes, with a local anesthetic. Pain after the operation will occur, but should be managed with standard painkillers. Discomfort should last a couple of days, and ice packs, along with tighter supportive underwear will help aid the recovery. I’m also told that there are small risks of things like infections and also long term pain, though this happens very rarely. I’m also informed that if there’s an issue finding the areas to work on, they’d have to put me up for the operation under general anesthetic, booked for another date. Finally, I’m told told to turn up with freshly shaved testicles. With information to hand, I book myself in for the operation, which is to take place in around 2 months time.

Day 1 – Operation Day

My appointment is at 10.45am, so I arrive shortly before this to check in. I have a lift home so I don’t have to drive, my snug underwear on, and smooth testicles, ready to be butchered.

After a short wait, I’m called through. A male doctor who will do the procedure, and a female assistant, await me. I sign a form and am told to take off my jeans and trainers. I lay down, then pull my underwear to my knees.

Iodine applied, a small local injection which isn’t too bad, and work begins on the left side. It is not comfortable. I knew I’d feel the activity, but I also felt pain which wasn’t planned for. Testicle kicking type pain for moments here and there. Not fun at all. After a few minutes, work begins on the right. Another injection, definitely more painful than the last, and this time, discomfort is minimal. I’m then patched up, asked to dress again, and sent on my way. Probably 20 minutes total time, including dressing and undressing.

I get driven home without really feeling anything, but I have this expectation of some pain to come, so everything feels a little weird. 

Several hours later, I’m sitting on the sofa, legs up. I’ve been walking around without issue, and not really feeling anything negative at all. Painkillers were taken just in case, and I’ve sat with frozen peas as advised, but I’m not sure either were actually necessary at this stage. Still, precaution is better than having to deal with issues later. 

I had thought a little about if going to the toilet would be a challenge or cause pain, due to being unsupported temporarily. After several visits, I find there was nothing to worry about.

By the end of the day, the worst it’s felt is like having muscle memory, as if I’d been kicked in the balls 30 minutes ago. It’s probably a bit more uncomfortable than it would have been if I had sat down more, but I’m not very good at opting out of life for periods of time.

If this is the worst of it, outside of procedure pain, which was maybe 15 seconds in total, it’s not too bad. Let’s see how things progress.

Day 2

I slept well, with an awareness of things overnight, but no pain or discomfort at all. I take some painkillers, again as a precaution, then get on with my day.

I take a fairly warm bath which causes me no issues, and provides me an opportunity to check myself. I don’t seem to have any problems at all. Mininal bruising, no bleeding, no internal clots. Everything just as it should be, and not even uncomfortable to check. 

I spend the rest of the day doing what I’d usually do when working from home. I probably wouldn’t really know I’ve had a procedure based on how things feel. I also didn’t really watch the clock for painkillers, as there was no pain to kill. Just took some when I remembered as a precaution. 

Day 3

I decided to drive into work today. An hour each way, some staircases, and sitting in a normal chair rather than having my feet up. The drive each way made me aware of the undulations of the road, but not enough to really feel discomfort. Otherwise, the day was, again, nothing of note. 
Overall, it appears that the recovery is going great. 

I don’t think I need to document any more on the progress of this thing, as it appears that I’ve had an easy ride overall. Pretty much as it was sold to me, though with a bit more pain during the procedure than I expected, and much less discomfort afterwards. All in all, I can’t complain. 

Next steps are to wait until mid September (3.5 months), and send away a sample to see if the procedure was a success. 

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