Committed exercise journey – making time

I’m not a morning person. I am not good at getting up early unless there is a specific reason that I cannot avoid. I wake up at 6am to get ready for my commute to work. I can wake up at 4.30am to get ready to head for an early flight. However, I cannot wake up early to get a workout in before the day starts. Motivation doesn’t go that far, yet.

My exercise timetable works around a mix of morning and evening sessions. My week of counting happens to start on a Saturday, so I have until the Friday evening to get my 5 (ideally) workouts completed. The first 2 are reasonably easy; I head out to the gym both weekend mornings shortly after the children have woken up. That’s around 7.30am. Beyond these two, it’s then a little harder to find the time. Pre-work exercise happens rarely at this stage, and post work I want to eat, spend time with the family and chill out. What I’ll actually do is workout on the Monday evening, usually with my power bag, whilst the children are having a pre-bed bath. On Tuesday, I’ll usually work from home, so I can find time over the day to take a lunch break and workout. That leaves one more session to find. This will again be another evening, which will mean heading out to the gym either during bath time, or after the children are in bed.

One of the things which helps a lot in the journey is having supportive people around you. In my case, that specifically means my wife. Without her supporting my selfish requirement to workout, I wouldn’t be able to abandon the house on weekend mornings or during bath time whist she looks after the children. I wouldn’t be able to take for granted the prepared meal waiting for me when I arrive home from work. Having that support that gives me that bit of freedom I need to succeed means that I am able to make the time required to progress.

Like most other people, I’m not able to function on a tiny amount of sleep, or find myself motivated to work out at all hours. I live in the real world with real responsibilities. However, with a drive to get things done, and life enabling me to do so, I continue to be better than I’ve ever been.

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