Committed exercise journey – It starts with a 13

After pretty much 3 months of work, I have gotten to a point where my weight in stones starts with a 13 rather than 14. This means I have lost around 14lbs in this 3 month period. Roughly, that will work out at a pace of 1lb per week. However, based on body progress and muscle increase during this time, I would safely assume that I’ve lost more than 14lbs of body fat.

It’s been a little while since I last updated, mainly because things have been much the same in progress, routine and effort. After the illness impeding my ability to work out, I have been going to lift weights or run 5 times a week, and where energy and time allows, 6 times. Each time I am pushing harder than before, where I try to lift more, go faster, or whatever else I can do to push my body to work harder and benefit more. For example, in the 4 runs I have done to date, I have taken my average pace of 6mins 35secs per km to 6mins 5secs, and also shaved 45 seconds off my fastest 1km time. I still hate running, but am just driving to be better with each run.

Food has become easier to manage over time as new habits take over from old. There has been a lot of possible temptation around over the past few weeks, with fund raising bake sales at work and Easter treats at home, but I’ve found I have very little interest in eating the treats outside of the small quantity I allow myself. I’m certainly not going without good and enjoyable food and snacks. I just continue to make sure I eat sensible volumes and limit the treats to roughly 2 per day, based on my own measurement of what a treat is.

So, 3 months later the scales say I’m in better shape. My belt tightening means I’ve made progress. My appearance in the mirror is better. I’ve had no indigestion and my snoring has gone from a nightly roar to a rare light murmur. Everything is so much better than it used to be, and overall, the journey to date hasn’t been too bad. Of course, my main focus is just getting a workout ticked off still, as it’s by far the easiest measurement to track and it’s constantly changing for the better, which means everything else will follow.

2 months until my holiday now, and I will certainly meet the 100 workouts goal, injury or illness allowing. Then we just up the target and keep working. This isn’t a journey to get a result. It’s a lifestyle change for good.


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