Committed exercise journey – disrupted momentum

Don’t you hate it when plans and momentum get disrupted? I am currently on day 6 of suffering with a cold. It’s the kind of cold where my energy has been sapped, meaning that my ability to exercise has been severely limited. I managed to do a full weights workout on day 2, before things got too bad, but since that time, I’ve been unable to jog up stairs without being exhausted, let alone make my way to the gym to lift heavy things, or go for a run.

The worst thing about having this cold getting in the way of my previous routine is knowing that it’s put me in a difficult position in achieving my goal of 100 workouts by the start of June. I had around 3 days in hand, assuming 5 workouts a week, before this started. Those have now all been used, and with a few activities coming up over the next few months that will stop me from working out, it’s going to be difficult to catch up and get to the target. Of course, I’m determined to make up the ground where I can, but need to ensure I allow recovery time also to get the full benefits of my weight exercises. Possibly, I’ll need to do a little more running, which I already hate enough.

The other issue with this spell of illness it that it’s sapped some of my motivation. Where I was heading to the gym most days, in a routine and rhythm, this has now come to an abrupt halt. I’ve not even thought about exercise in the last few days. The concern is that my motivation to attend the gym at all doesn’t come back. I’m sure that’s not something to be concerned about, as my initial reasons to want to make a change are still there, and a small obstacle doesn’t mean the whole thing needs to come crashing down.

Colds are the worst, especially when they are energy sapping. Fingers crossed I’m almost at the end of it.

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