Am I old? – hair growth

What is life preparing me for, and what use will the excessive nasal hair be on this journey?

The hair in my nose used to be normal. One day, it grew there and then stayed at a fixed length, in a comfortable quantity. We got along just fine, but happy to exist without bothering eachother. At some point, my nose hair decided it wanted to break free. It multiplied, and felt that finding a way out of my nose was its sole purpose.

I’m not sure why nasal hair grows so fast. I’m also really not sure why is needs to start to introduce white hairs, which grow even faster than the dark ones. It’s a bizarre state of affairs where I am spending time every couple of weeks with some kind of tweezer or electrical trimmer up my nose, trying to manage this menace.

I’m not even going to go onto the fact that it’s started to happen around my ears too. That will no doubt be for another time, when the geography of hair growth changes some more.

Lesson – hair will grow where you don’t want it, and disappear from where you do.

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